Moving to Florida
is a great idea

Within our area of operation, in the central region of Florida, to better present the properties available we separate the presentation to the region in three areas. Orlando Region, West Coast and East Coast. We choose the best properties in the areas in which we operate, in neighborhoods, with all the infrastructure, with the best schools and with varied commerce.


The state of Florida is in the southern United States, and today is one of the most coveted states to live in. In Central Florida, you will find places with excellent quality of life, better climate for you, your children, and your parents. Great public and privates’ schools for your children also, new and resale properties with reasonable prices compared to other states. Guaranteed fun throughout the year as it is close to Orlando’s great parks, among many wildlife reserves and one hour from the beautiful beaches like Clearwater Beach, Ana Maria Island, Cocoa Beach, Naples, and many others. You can choose small towns with excellent quality of life minutes from major metropolitan center. This is so far the best state to retired in.

Tax – Florida doesn’t have a personal income tax, a state tax, or an inheritance tax, although it does impose sales and property taxes. The state’s overall tax burden has consistently ranked among the nation’s lowest for decades.

Low cost of living – Compared to many states in the United States, and other countries in the world, the cost of living in Florida is much cheaper. In addition, the state does not collect state income tax.

Homes – Homes in Florida are coveted for being beautiful, luxurious, spacious, and offering lots of comfort with an affordable price, making the properties even more desired.

Climate – In an average of 95% of the year Florida is contemplated by the wonderful perfect (tropical) climate, offering opportunities for recreation and with many activities all year around.

Business - Florida offers many activities with excellent business opportunities. For you who are working at home office in the states of the North this is THE GREAT OPPORTUNITY to improve your quality of life.

Beaches – The State of Florida has lush beaches with crystal clear waters like Miami Beach, Key West, ClearWater, Daytona Beach, and many others. The state’s tropical climate provides a comfortable enjoyment of the beaches all year round.

Activities – Florida always has things to do. Many golf courses and parks in the middle of nature offer trails for walking, running, or cycling. In addition to beautiful beaches, and many water parks, theme parks like Disney, Universal, Legoland and Bush Gardens are a great activity for the family – Florida’s residents receive discounts to number of attractions.

Diversities – People from all over the world live in Florida. This makes the state even richer, and you will have the opportunity to experience different cultures.

Food – In Florida you will find many restaurants with food options from all over the world. Several Pizzerias and restaurants from the simplest to the most exquisite, such as Italian, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and many other varieties.

The great advantage of living in Florida is that you can enjoy all of this and more throughout the year. Live a better quality of life in this wonderful State. Definitively, live in Florida is a great choice for you and your family.

*Models, size description and prices are subject to change without notice

*Models, size description and prices are subject to change without notice